The deteriorating American and world environment situation calls for much needed action now. 

I. America must get off its addiction to gasoline and oil and become energy independent. 

a. Americans pay for their oil addiction through bad health, i.e., breathing fumes. Funds for scientific research for alternative energy sources should be a priority.  


II. American city governments must be environmentally responsible.

a. The present System encourages its citizens to exercise, ride a bike, and walk to improve their health; but, is doing very little to make a welcome place in cities to do these life-saving activities.


III.  More alternative energy replacement sources needed.

a. The payoff of significantly reducing oil consumption would reach far beyond the economy and the environment in benefits.

b. Funded scientific research could directly replace liquid petroleum and oil with substitutes. A cleaner environment would mean a healthier America. Raising fuel taxes is not the right answer and only hurts the economy and punishes the American worker.

IV. Environment welfare and protection should be a mandatory subject taught in all American schools.


Some National Socialist Ideas To Make America Energy Independent:
  • Build up windpower resources in the wind belt and in offshore areas with adequate wind supply;
  • Retrofit American homes with insulation and solar hot water heating; engage people in other energy saving devices;
  • Focus on increasing albedo (increasing the amount of sun and therefore heat that is reflected rather than absorbed) from surfaces like roofs and roads;
  • Retrofit existing power plants;
  • Other techniques to either reduce energy consumption, scrub filth out of smokestacks, use low-risk & low-cost low-pollution energy sources, and/or reduce the heating on the earth's surface.
Goals of the American Nazi Party:
It is our goal that the Aryan republic be totally self-sufficient in energy, and that the types of energy it employs be non-polluting. Towards these ends, we demand a phasing out of all forms of energy which befoul the environment, such as coal, petroleum, and nuclear fission. To replace them, we demand an immediate and massive program to develop new, CLEAN energy sources.

We believe that Aryans deserve to live in a healthy environment, with clean air, clean water, and clean land. We also believe that the responsible energy needs of our people must be met. At the same time, we do not believe that the environment should be sacrificed for quick profit, cheap economic growth, or an extravagant, materialistic lifestyle. We believe in honoring, not despoiling Nature. We firmly believe that with the wonderful resources of the North American continent at its disposal, Aryan genius is fully capable of developing those sources of energy we need - from the sun, the earth, the wind, and the water - without disturbing the natural order.

We must make it an imperative duty of our government to protect the gifts which Nature has bestowed on America and to insure the maintenance of a clean, healthy, wholesome environment for our people. We must not only eliminate pollution and conserve our resources, but we must gradually bring about a whole new mode of living in America, a mode with less emphasis on forcing man into a mold determined by a congested, neon-and-asphalt urban rat race and more emphasis on changing that mold to fit the racial propensities of Aryan man.